Day 2 

Betsy Devos supports prayer in schools.
No word exactly what that means.  Christian only prayer? Forced prayer time?  The ability that already exists in our schools to pray in a non-disruptive manner?

Despite her display of gross inadequacy for the position, she will be confirmed for secretary of education.  It is foretold.   Probably one of the seven signs, or whatever.  I will accept that and agree to work with, not against.

I begin with my multi-beneficial proposal.

Congress shall create a Department of Grizzly Abatement (GAD, on Nasdaq – because all

Grizzly Prayer

offices will now be publicly traded).  Each school will be assigned one specially trained prayer officer – except in Wyoming, they can have two – to pray away the grizzly bears.

On occasion, the Grizzly Abatement Officers may be called upon to neutralize other disruptions, like interminable pep rallys or ironically named talent shows.  They will, however, remain uninvolved in cases of teacher sexual abuse or campus violence.

Between officers and training personnel, roughly half a million jobs will be created, making America Great (and grizzly violence free) Again (still).  No oversight positions will be created.  Oversight is for vaginas, not school personnel.