Franklin Graham Pisses Me Off


Franklin Graham needs a publicity advisor.  That, or a good friend whom he will trust when they tell him to shut up.

My standard disclaimer:  I respect the right of all people, including Graham, not to engage in homosexual acts of passion or commitment.
I also respect the motives behind any individual who chooses to do, or not do, business with a company for any reason.  (Aside: I don’t believe that’s a two way right.  If you’re a business you damn well better be willing to do business with any paying customer.)

But Graham just took to the gay-friendliest social network to announce he is moving half a billion ministry dollars because Wells Fargo has a touching commercial that happens to feature a same sex couple.  He threw some shade at Tiffany Jewelers for the same reason.

Graham is quoted in the News & Observer, “…a bank should be promoting the best interest rates they’re going to give me and what they can do for me as a business.  But they should not be trying to get into a moral debate.”

First of all, good freakin’ luck finding a new financial institution that will publicly share your beliefs, Frankie.

Secondly, these businesses of yours; aren’t they tax exempt charities?

Why, in the name of all that is holy, do you have Half.A.Billion.Dollars (and who knows how much in other assets) of tax exempt donations sitting in a freaking bank?


There are hungry people at your own back door.   There are hungry people no more than 25 steps from every single destination your jets can reach.  I ask again, why is that money in a bank?

Mr. Graham did manage to say one thing I agree with yesterday.   I don’t think he should be shopping at Tiffany’s, either.