Merry Christmas 2015

imageLast weekend my friend, Renee passed a lovely afternoon by writing her Christmas cards.

“Instead of sending cards, maybe I’ll just mail little envelopes full of glitter.  You know, so when people are still vacuuming it up all year, they’ll know I’m thinking about them.”  I told Renee.

She said that was a good idea, as long as I only mailed them out of town so friends can’t track the glitter back into my house.  She’s smart, that Renee.

I’ve never much been a fan of the long-format Christmas letter because it seems to be a tightrope walk between complaining and bragging and I’m not agile like that.   So instead of rehashing the strange and glorious events of 2015, which is now heaving with her final, wheezy breaths, I want to very simply wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  And since I didn’t spring for the postage on those brilliant glitter-grams, just know that every time you don’t see sparkles, you’re on my mind.

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