I’m a Luggage Pig


The best thing about solo travel?  I can over pack to my heart’s content.  I get a carry on and a purse, plus two free checked bags and dammit, I’m going to use them.
Clothes and shoes for seven whole days because who wants to do laundry?  Detergent in case I decide to do laundry.  A curling iron in case I need to curl my hair; a straightener in case that was a mistake.   While I’m at it, where’s my blow dryer? Maybe I’ll use that. I don’t know what amenities my AirBnB will include, but I’m not packing an iron and I applaud my own restraint on that one.
Two different wool coats, because I’m more fashion conscious when I travel.  My Birkenstocks because no I am not.

The one downside to solo travel?  I have to schlep all of that myself.

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